Carta de la Sociedad Cubana de Psicología de la Salud a la American Psychological Association



Junta de Gobierno

Oficinas del presidente


Havana, April, 9, 2020.

Dr. Sandra L. Shullman

President American Psychological Association.

Dr. Arthur C. Evans, Jr

Chief Executive Officer American Psychological Association


Dear colleagues:

On behalf of the Cuban Society of Health Psychology, her Executive Staff and in my own name, I address you both to express our gratitude for your solidarity and support toour psychologicalassociation and in extension to our   country, in the midst of this coronaviruspandemic.

Yes,  you are right when declare that psychological science has so much to contribute addressing the effort of our governments, health public servants  and all society to confront the current pressing needs concerning to mitigate and reduce the negative effects of this pandemic event in the  population, related to social isolation, anxiety and  fears and also  for a poor perception of the risk by the people, that increase at the same time the risk to be sick.

  We appreciate so much your decision to make available all your expertise andknowledge to help the global community through this uncertain time; thanks one more time.

The  excellent scheme of collaboration that  we have stablished with APA during all this years  is  a good  model that is bringing us the opportunity to be joined, working together and sharing the best ideas, goals, and it´s a nice example that we need to be  united in the capacity to help the people, collaborate each other and increase the  common effort to be better as professionals, persons, and people.

  Merry Bullock and Amanda Clinton have worked so much with us getting this excellent state of exchanges. This sprit has been translated to the different APA´s presidents during all this year, and have been made yours.

 Finally, I would like to express you all, our high considerations and the intention to continue working with you and to make grow our collaboration and friendship

Yours,  sincerely.


Alberto E, Cobián Mena, PhD

President of the Cuba Society of Health Psychology

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