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Dear Cuban Society of Immunology,

The early registration deadline for savings of up to € 200 for Autoimmunity 2018 is

06 March 2018.

As a valued related society, we kindly ask for your assistance in helping us inform your network of colleagues and peers about this upcoming deadline and help ensure that the Autoimmunity Congress will be a great success.

Register Today


REMINDER: Early Fee Registration Deadline: 06 March 2018

Simply forward our latest newsletter

to your network and share this tweet.


For more promotional materials, such as a banner for websites or a digital flyer, visit the Autoimmunity Congress 2018 promotional toolkit, or contact Ivan Simeonov, Marketing Coordinator.


We thank you for taking the time to spread the word about the International Congress on Autoimmunity 2018.



Autoimmunity 2018 Secretariat

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The Advanced Course on Mucosal Immunology (ACMI 2018) in Córdoba

This course is co-sponsored by the Society for Mucosal Immunology (SMI) and the Latin American Mucosal Immunology Group and takes place in Córdoba, Argentina, on October 22-27. Attendees will learn more about innate barriers and mucosal immune tissues, mucosal dendritic cells and macrophages, conventional and unconventional lymphocytes, translational mucosal immunology and more.

Registration includes housing and meals for the duration of the course. We want to promote interaction between attendees; therefore, there is a discount for choosing to share a room.

Latin American Trainees Single room: $500 USD, Double room: $460 USD
Scholarships ($250 USD) are only available to trainees from Latin America.
Latin American Scholarship Awardees Single room: $250 USD, Double room: $210 USD

Non-Latin American Trainees, Early Registration until May 15, 2018
Single room: $700 USD, Double room: $660 USD
Full Registration until October 1, 2018
Single room: $900 USD, Double room: $860 USD

Registration is now open!

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servicios de biblioteca

Requisitos para solicitar el servicio a tráves del Modelo SOLICITUD DE BIBLIOGRAFÍA (adjunto):

Pertencer a una de estas categorías:

- Doctorante

- Maestrante

- Diplomante

- Residente

Ustede recibirá en un Modelo RESPUESTA A SU SOLICITUD por vía correo electronico o entrega presencial:

- 25 citas bibliográficas (Vancouver o APA)

- Usted podrá solicitar 2 temas mensuales

- solicitar enviando el Modelo SOLICITUD DE BIBLIOGRAFÍA (adjunto) al correo:

Si usted decide solicitar de manera presencial entonces acuda a:

Biblioteca Médica Nacional (BMN)

Calle 23 esquina N. Vedado. La Habana. Cuba. Telef. 7 8331869, 78331871, 78326477 (ext. 109)

Horarios: lunes a sábado, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Nosotros esperamos por su solicitud…Usted espera por nuestra respuesta

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